Walt Disney World in a day we got to WDW late, didn’t wake up until 10:30am and were scheduled to leave for our next stop, New Orleans by 1pm.  Do u think that slowed us down? Nope! While the pets were enjoying pet vacation luxury at the Best friends spa on property(Kitty City there is incredible), we lolligagged, admiring the hotel we stayed at, had lunch at the Grand Floridian, and meandered in the Magic Kingdom until 4:15pm…..Yikes! Is that how late it is?! We got caught in rush hour trying to escape the seductive clutches of Darth Orlando, as I like to think of it…and started the long trek to the Crescent City.  Look, I know how to follow speeding drivers so I don’t get a ticket(I have done seven of these trips, after all!). However, even with help from crossing a time zone, speeding, and the fact that it is summer and not really road-dark until around 9:30pm, we didn’t arrive at our friendly airport La Quinta until 4am local time.  Ugh!  We were in the room and asleep in record time.  Even Tiberius curled up and started snoring almost immediately…on a dialysis note, it is difficult to manage fluids, but measure out your daily intake, adjust if you are a profuse sweater(I am) and always order extra ice with a drink..or better yet, order an ice or frozen smoothie….it takes longer to drink ands lakes the thirst longer…


Time to hit the the road!

So here’s the 411…my name is Devlin and I am a dialysis patient with half a century of life under my belt.  My wife, Kim of 25 wonderful years, our dog Tiberius and our two cats, Alex and Chester are on a road trip from Palm Beach Gardens, FL to Redwood City, CA.  We were supposed to leave yesterday, but due to my lady’s prerogative in overpacking, we left five hours later than scheduled and barely made it to our first stop, the Art of Animation Studio at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.  We are just beginning to stir the morning after arrival…more later!